Warm Horse & W H First Aid Supplies

What do we offer?

Innovative designs      New and exciting hygienic and First Aid solutions to today’s savvy pet & horse owner.

Horse – Professional and unique First Aid solution   NEW Trainer & Coach First Aid Range.

Dog / Pet –  A professional range of both First Aid solutions

Emergency foil coats only available from WH (Warm Horse)

Qualified Veterinary & Professionally designed kits alongside animal / horse owners makes our First aid range unique.

                                                                                                       BE PREPARED!

We all want to ensure our life long companions are happy, we also know they can get themselves into trouble from time to time!  So be prepared and take the stress out of those minor mishaps…

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W H First Aid Supplies

            Dog First Aid                                               Horse First Aid Range


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W H Wunder Rug                                        Horse Emergency Foil Rug 


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Dog Emergency Foil Coats

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